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Are family law court hearings still going ahead with corona virus?

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many family law courts are closed to adhere to the government guidelines and help stop to spread the virus any further.

However, some court hearings have been taking place remotely, either by telephone or video calls.

Many factors must be considered if a remote hearing is to take place, below are just a few issues that may affect.

Can a person actively participate in a remote proceeding.

If a delay in the court hearing poses a threat to anyone involved.

How complex a case is can also influence whether the court hearing can take place remotely or not.

The number of witnesses that are needed could also play a part in a family law court hearing, if the witnesses have family or jobs this can be a bit more difficult to organise.

A good internet connection is vital, and that people have access to laptops, internet. This can vary with area and families.

Whether a hearing can be taken in a fair and just manner, it must be ensured that all parties have a fair hearing.

Many factors must be taken into consideration, and every case is different and will be looked at on an individual basis. Talk to your specialist lawyer to get help and advice if your court hearing has been affected by corona.

Of course, everyone will aim to keep staff and clients safe during these unprecedented times.

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