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Private Pregnancy Scan

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All pregnant women in the UK will be offered an ultrasound scan on the NHS between 8-14 weeks.

Some women simply cannot wait that long, so opt for a private pregnancy scan.

Private pregnancy scans are available from as early as 6 weeks, nervous first-time moms or parents that have experienced problems in the past may want to go for an early pregnancy scan for peace of mind and reassurance. Private pregnancy scans can cost from approximately from £45 upwards.

There are various clinics in and around the West Midlands offering private pregnancy scans, however, if this isn’t an option for you to be able to afford one, you can ask your GP to refer you to the hospital for an early reassurance scan, A doctor should understand if you feel worried and would like an early scan. If you notice any bleeding or are experiencing any pain, you must tell your doctor as soon as possible.

During a private pregnancy scan, you should receive a 2D scanned image to take home with you, it can confirm that you are pregnant and give you an estimated delivery date. You will normally be asked to attend the scan with a full bladder, so start drinking fluids at least 30 minutes before your appointment, this will give the sonographer a good chance of getting a good view of your baby.

There are many other private pregnancy scans available such as:

A Gender Scan: this will be able to tell you if you are having a boy or girl!

A growth and presentation scan: This will look at the growth and wellbeing of your baby

An anomaly scan: This scan can check for any abnormalities or anomalies in the baby

Pregnancy scan

Pregnancy scan