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What is dermarolling?

Dermarolling is a process which uses a tool called a dermaroller. This is a hand roller which is covered in tiny needles that you manually roll over facial skin to create micropunctures. It is commonly used to help the skin care products you use enter deeper into your layers of skin without causing any damage.

What dermaroller should I buy?

There are many derma rollers available on the market, varying in shape, functionality and price. However, as well as purchasing a dermaroller you can pay for this procedure to be carried out at a cosmetic clinic.

We advise that you do carry this procedure out at a cosmetic clinic due to the fact there are different length needles which are used for different types of skin and cases.


Needle lengths

0.25mm: This length is usually used to increase penetration of your skincare products and therefore improve the texture of your skin as well as the colour.

0.5mm: We recommend this length of needle for those with wrinkles or scarring and to thin hair.

1.0 and 1.5mm: The maximum needle length recommended for the face is 1.5mm. These lengths are useful for deep strength marks, cellulite and deep scarring.

2.0, 2.5 and 3.0mm: These needle lengths are for more severe cases which include deep wrinkles, deep scars and the rejuvenation of badly damaged skin.

What does the procedure involve?

The procedure generally takes up to 30 minutes per session. However, if there is an anaesthetic applied to numb the skin, that will take an additional 30 minutes to be applied and take effect.

The dermaroller is rolled over the area of skin you wish to treat to produce micro-needle columns. These columns will penetrate into the dermis of the skin and close rapidly to ensure the skin recovers quickly but efficiently.

Private Pregnancy Scan

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All pregnant women in the UK will be offered an ultrasound scan on the NHS between 8-14 weeks.

Some women simply cannot wait that long, so opt for a private pregnancy scan.

Private pregnancy scans are available from as early as 6 weeks, nervous first-time moms or parents that have experienced problems in the past may want to go for an early pregnancy scan for peace of mind and reassurance. Private pregnancy scans can cost from approximately from £45 upwards.

There are various clinics in and around the West Midlands offering private pregnancy scans, however, if this isn’t an option for you to be able to afford one, you can ask your GP to refer you to the hospital for an early reassurance scan, A doctor should understand if you feel worried and would like an early scan. If you notice any bleeding or are experiencing any pain, you must tell your doctor as soon as possible.

During a private pregnancy scan, you should receive a 2D scanned image to take home with you, it can confirm that you are pregnant and give you an estimated delivery date. You will normally be asked to attend the scan with a full bladder, so start drinking fluids at least 30 minutes before your appointment, this will give the sonographer a good chance of getting a good view of your baby.

There are many other private pregnancy scans available such as:

A Gender Scan: this will be able to tell you if you are having a boy or girl!

A growth and presentation scan: This will look at the growth and wellbeing of your baby

An anomaly scan: This scan can check for any abnormalities or anomalies in the baby

Pregnancy scan

Pregnancy scan


Are family law court hearings still going ahead with corona virus?

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many family law courts are closed to adhere to the government guidelines and help stop to spread the virus any further.

However, some court hearings have been taking place remotely, either by telephone or video calls.

Many factors must be considered if a remote hearing is to take place, below are just a few issues that may affect.

Can a person actively participate in a remote proceeding.

If a delay in the court hearing poses a threat to anyone involved.

How complex a case is can also influence whether the court hearing can take place remotely or not.

The number of witnesses that are needed could also play a part in a family law court hearing, if the witnesses have family or jobs this can be a bit more difficult to organise.

A good internet connection is vital, and that people have access to laptops, internet. This can vary with area and families.

Whether a hearing can be taken in a fair and just manner, it must be ensured that all parties have a fair hearing.

Many factors must be taken into consideration, and every case is different and will be looked at on an individual basis. Talk to your specialist lawyer to get help and advice if your court hearing has been affected by corona.

Of course, everyone will aim to keep staff and clients safe during these unprecedented times.

Family law court






Pelvic Scan

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Many women suffer from painful and heavy periods. There is a medical condition known as Menorrhagia which means “heavy Periods”.

You would know if you had this condition as the bleeding would be that bad you may have to change your pad or tampon every hour, if you feel you may have this, you can talk to your doctor, they may be able to help and may refer you for a pelvic scan to investigate further.

Another reason you may need a pelvic scan could be if you think you have polycystic ovaries. The main symptoms of polycystic ovaries could include irregular periods or no periods at all, excessive hair growth – usually on the face, chest or back, weight gain and oily skin or acne. The pelvic scan will show if you have any cysts on the ovaries.

Another reason you may be advised to have a pelvic scan would be if there is a family history of ovarian cancer. The reason ovarian cancer may develop can depend on many things including age, lifestyle, genetics and environmental factors. As with most cancers, the risk of developing ovarian cancer increases with age.

Between 5 and 15 % of ovarian cancers are caused by a faulty inherited gene. If you have a family history of ovarian cancer your risk of being diagnosed can be around 3 times higher compared to women without the history of it in their family.

If a pelvic scan is suggested, do not be worried it is generally a painless procedure; it is an ultrasound probe applied to the lower abdomen, it can be used to view the cervix, Fallopian tubes, ovaries, Uterus, vagina (this would involve also having an internal examination) and bladder. Before you have a pelvic scan you will be asked to have a full bladder, so try and drink 3-4 pints of water 1 hour before the scan taking place. It is probably best to wear loose clothing so it is easy to remove.

The whole procedure should only take between 15-20 minutes and you are perfectly fine to carry on with your usual activities and go about your day as normal afterwards.

Hospital Desk

Hospital Desk


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Exercising in pregnancy

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Before you decide to start exercising read here about the benefits of pregnancy and exercise.

There is no evidence exercising in pregnancy may be one of the best things you can do for you and your baby. Pregnancy and exercise can have a beneficial impact on your pregnancy.

It is safe for most women to continue and even start exercising in pregnancy. Always make sure you check with your midwife or doctor first, just in case there are any medical reasons why you should avoid being physically active during your pregnancy.

Exercising in pregnancy can reduce back pain, weight gain and tiredness; it can also reduce your risk of unplanned caesarean and gestational diabetes. It can also benefit your baby’s health too; it can help improve their heart rate health, brain maturity and birth weight.

Some people may say that while you are pregnant, relax, rest and put your feet up, which of course you should also do but a bit of gentle exercise will only benefit you and your baby.

We have put together a few tips for you to follow:

  1. Walk, try and walk as much as possible, even for 10-15 minutes per day, every little helps. Even if it means getting off the bus one stop earlier
  2. When doing your housework, try and give it a bit of oomph! Play your music and make it part of your activity programme, it might make it feel less tedious.
  3. Do some light gardening, maybe try cutting the grass or do some weeding and planting and enjoy the sunshine while you are at it, if it is sunny you may even get a vitamin D boost
  4. Take an exercise class, maybe something easy like pregnancy yoga or swimming, aim to start 3 times a week even if it is just for a short amount of time like 15-20 minutes, you can gradually build up to more if you feel up to it.
  5. You can even get apps for your smartphone now so you can follow a class in the comfort of your home.


The main thing is you get active, do something you enjoy and stick with it even for a short time each day, something is better than nothing.


Exercising during pregnancy will most certainly give you more energy and help you sleep better, along with improving your mood and helping you with the general aches and pains associated with pregnancy.

Pregnant Bump with hands in the shape of heart

Pregnant Bump with hands in the shape of heart